Possible solutions to the difficulties presented by the preparation of the thesis

It has been mentioned in the previous section that two of the possible solutions to overcome the difficulties that are presented to the doctoral student during the composition of his thesis are the self-organization during the writing process and the institutional help that the student receives from the center in the one

he is pursuing his postgraduate studies. This support, according to Bartolini and others, is manifested mainly in the formation of thesis workshops and in the supervision of a thesis supervisor who advises, supervises and guides the doctoral student on the steps to be taken, the decisions to be taken and the times in which You must do it. However, there are many authors who consider these meetings as insufficient, as well as those who compare the differences in the development of these didactic processes in the United States with what happens in the Anglo-Saxon world, concluding that this effort is insufficient compared to the results obtained by doctoral students with the thesis in English-speaking countries. Carlino, in this sense, contrasts in his article the situation of Argentina with that of Australia and the USA, and comments that the thesis management is an activity that offers little attention and little support

institutional in the world

Similarly, Carlino comments that certain pedagogical and institutional barriers prevent the correct development of the work done in the thesis workshops and through the patronage of the director, such as the lack of definition of what is expected from a thesis, the shortage of bibliography in the university libraries, the lack of a scope of exchange and follow-up of the researcher after having attended the seminars, the irregular dedication of the thesis directors for the overload of their occupations, the delays in the evaluation of the thesis once delivered by the thesis students, etc. But nevertheless,

Perhaps the biggest obstacle that the aspiring doctor must face in the elaboration of the thesis is the lack of orientation that arises from the real ignorance of the challenge that faces, since the doctoral student does not usually have in the thesis workshops written guidelines – as examples of intermediate productions- that guide you and allow you to carry out this work effectively.

The postgraduate studies that lead to the attainment of the doctorate, as Carlino comments, are normally structured in two phases in the universities:

Thesis workshop: the students study together common seminars on methodology and content in the disciplines in which they specialize and have regular meetings with teachersthat they are

The individual and solitary work of the composition of a type of written text to which the student had never before faced, with the advice and guidance of a director.

The success in the preparation of the thesis will depend to a certain degree -as discussed in the following subsections- of the organization, functionality and operability of the resources and techniques used in these two phases.